Midwest Semi-Finalist #2: Becky and Chris's Nice to Come Home To

Name: Becky and Chris
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Size & Type: 450 sq. ft. one bedroom

Original Entry: Click Here

1. Who was your favorite entry and why?

The space that really stood out to us was Joseph's Cozy Brooklyn DIY (even though it was just an extra). I love his custom designed bookshelves & desk, and am completely envious of his flooring. He's taken a layout that most would have trouble with, and designed a functional (and gorgeous) space.

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What's your next improvement?

The next thing that we'll be adding to our apartment is a pair of custom stools. We wanted some extra seating options in the living room, and stools were the perfect solution - as they can also function as side tables, or somewhere to put your feet up.

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