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Brooklyn, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
I am a huge Marimekko fan and love their interesting use of color. Since we had pillows and an ottoman in bright colors, we went for gray on the walls to provide a neutral background. When we hung up the two gray matching wrapped canvases over the fireplace, we felt gray on gray was not right, so we made that wall blue. The blue helped break up the room and also drew attention to the marble fireplace mantel. The green and beige rug was added to match the green Marimekko pillows and bring the two sides of the room together. The room feels so relaxing, yet bright- which is exactly what we were going for!
Colors used in my room:
Urban Jungle and Bluer Than Blue, by Valspar
Tips for using color successfully:
My favorite approach is to start with a neutral and add color a little bit at a time. A lot of color at once can be overwhelming, so give yourself time to get used to the change. Also, think about what color will best complement your existing furniture and decor.
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