Space Age Meets Flat Pack: Miles Keller's Satellite-Inspired Pendant

Mid-Century modern design and the work it inspires today often has a space age feel, but industrial designer Miles Keller took the idea one step further with his Alouette pendant lamp. The flat pack plywood lamp shown at Toronto's 2012 Interior Design Show (IDS12) was inspired by John Chapman's Alouette satellite, the first ever Canadian built satellite, which launched in 1962.

While it is still in orbit to this day, it has been shut down long ago. In this context, the original shape and proportions are preserved while the satellite itself is re-imagined and repurposed.
The Alouette chandelier makes a striking visual statement. The open/closed nature of the outer shell creates a spectacular lighting effect, producing beautiful light with a spectacular shadow pattern.

Shipped flat and easy to assemble, the lamp is held together with strategically placed tabs and one five inch ring at the top and the bottom.

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(Images: 1. Public Domain 2-4. Miles Keller)