Million Dollar Treasure Hiding in a Shoebox

Million Dollar Treasure Hiding in a Shoebox

Janel Laban
May 29, 2008

This gold cup has been hidden away in a shoebox under the owners bed for years. John Webber says that his grandfather gave it to him when he was a little boy... 1945 and he thought it was brass, even using it for target practice with an air gun.

According to this story from AFP in London, during a move he decided to have it valued and was told it was a rare ancient Persian treasure made from gold. It will go up for auction on June 5th at Duke's in England and is expected to fetch nearly a million dollars.

We tend to only hang on to old family photos, so we don't expect to be in this situation any time soon. Do you have any family treasures hidden away? Let us know...

Photo: AFP via Yahoo News