Mina's First Fabulous Flat

House Call

Name: Mina
Location: Paris, France

A perfect "House Call" for our day of celebrating fashion - a look inside a lovely apartment in the fabulously fashionable city of Paris. Here is what Mina told us about her first "grownup" home…

Since we moved into our new flat in December 2010, I am really happy because this is the first time that I've lived in such a big flat as an adult. I really enjoy decorating, renewing things and furniture but I was always very frustrated by the lack of space in my previous apartments although I tried to find space-saving tricks.

So when we moved in our almost 750sqft + tiny balcony space I felt like I landed in a new world of opportunities. Nonetheless, there were some great challenges — as renters we can't change most of the things, the built-in kitchen furniture was crappy, our budget was small, even for Ikea furniture and we wanted to keep most of our old furniture as I am quite sentimental with objects in general. We were really keen on getting second hand stuff to give them a second life and to save money. We also like the design from the 50s and early 60's very much but wanted to avoid any total-look-in-your-face kind of design... I think our style is just a retro and joyful mix with many inspirations from low budget recycling to AD magazine...

Thanks, Mina !

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