Mini House Tour: Berdhouse Gallery

Mini House Tour: Berdhouse Gallery

Beth Zeigler
Aug 8, 2008


Name: David Browne, Berdhouse Gallery
Location:Echo Park, CA
Size: 300 square feet
Style: DIY


It was about a year ago when we started seeing colorful woodcut birds hanging up high on wires over intersections. An odd image, yes, but such an intriguing idea. We've seen items hanging from intersection wires before but they were usually of the Reebok fare. Not until the Berdhouse Gallery moved into our neighborhood did we learn the source of the cool wood cut "berds." David Browne came up with the idea to display his art publicly (and when we say "display", we mean aim for the wires). Anchored by combination padlocks, the "berds" hang freely from the wires, giving each passerby a smile. He's hit up at least four major cities that we know of: Los Angles, San Diego, New York and San Francisco. If you must have a "berd" of your own, you're in luck-- David sells them in his gallery. Each one is cut by hand and made with the original stencil...

When we stopped by the gallery last weekend, we were surprised by how roomy it felt inside. From the street it looks no bigger than a large walk-in closet. As we walked in the door David was busy putting out newly acquired vintage records (also for sale). He was happy to take a break and tell us about each item on display in the gallery.

We fell in love with every inch of the space but our favorite part was the wall made entirely out of found wood. David said it took over a year to find all the pieces and cut them to the right size. We're thinking we need a wall like that in our apartment! The Berdhouse Gallery also sells shoes, vintage tees, and zines. You can find him online at We can't wait to go back and visit for his next open house!


AT Survey:

Inspiration: Making things out of what's available. The DIY design makes the gallery an extension of my personality.

Fun Fact: Space was most recently a dress shop, a record store and a key shop.

Favorite Element: Location, neighbors and the size of the space.

Biggest Challenge: Makin' it.

What Friends Say: "Can you give me a deal?"

Proudest DIY: Entire store.

Biggest Indulgence: New products, furniture, old paint supplies, vintage clothes, old books and art work.

Best advice: Owning a business and getting it where you want it to be takes time. You'll find it morphs very slowly into what you want. I've been here a year and it's still not there yet.



Furniture: Found furniture, vintage, DIY,

Clothing, Shoes: T-shirts by Studio Browne, vintage t-shirts

Artwork, Zines: Consignment

(Thanks David!)


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