Mini Moderns Wallpaper

London-based Mini Moderns has plenty of great pieces for the home, but we are enamored with the unique wallpapers in their Family Album collection. With motifs like chickens, cityscapes and eccentric stripes, these wall coverings could fit in almost any style room.

Designed by Absolute Zero Degrees, all of Mini Moderns' wallpapers are printed with waterbased inks on paper harvested from sustainable forests. Their designs combine a retro sensibility with modern lines for a classic but unusual look. For a really different take, try their "color me" wallpapers, with designs but no color so your kids (and you!) can color them in as you wish.

1. Moo Wallpaper, Pear Green
2. Knock Knock Wallpaper, Powder Paint Blue
3. Battery Square Wallpaper, Smoothie Pink
4. Different Strokes Wallpaper, Pear Green
5. Do You Live In A Town? Wallpaper

Via Kitty as a Picture.

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