Mini Nursery Tour: Buffalo Firestation Bedroom

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There are theme rooms and there are theme rooms. AT Reader Dominique wrote in to show us the incredible bedroom her neighbor Mike, whose father is a retired Buffalo Firefighter, created for his own 3-year old son.

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Dominique reports that Mike built the bed from a blueprint and then handpainted every detail. The lights atop the bed actually work and were purchased from the Oriental Trading Company and then housed in plexiglass. Painted on the back wall is a replica of the historic firehouse Mike's father spent his career in.

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Mike found a local metal fabricator to create these shelf brackets.

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Mike's wife pitched in with these curtains made from perfectly-themed fabrics.

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What firestation room wouldn't be complete without a Dalmation?

Clearly this room was made with a lot of love! Great work, Mike, and thanks for sharing this with AT, Dominique.

See another firehouse-themed room here:
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