Miniature Garden Resources and Inspiration

A few months ago we were excited about this amazing miniature garden and we've been on the lookout for other mini-landscapes ever since. Whether you're enamored with miniatures or have limited or no outdoor space, take a gander at these inspirational gardens (and find resources for creating your own after the jump.)

Image credits:

1 The Wee Garden

2 The Wee Garden

3 Dolanh licensed for use under Creative Commons.

4 Miniature Garden Shoppe

5 Kaptain Kobold licensed for use under Creative Commons.


6 Miss_Leslie licensed for use under Creative Commons.

7 Miniature Garden Shoppe

8 Pilgrimgirl licensed for use under Creative Commons.

9 Dusty Wall licensed for use under Creative Commons.

10 The Wee Garden

Miniature Gardens can be as simple or ornate as you like. Look around your house and your kids' toy box for small things to include. The shops below carry a wonderful supply of plants, pebbles, statues, furniture and all kinds of accessories. Also check out your local dollhouse stores.

The Wee Garden (online and at the Neighborhood Nest in Essex, NY)
Miniature Garden Shoppe
Two Green Thumbs (and Etsy)

Do you have a miniature garden? Tag your garden photo on Flickr with "Ohdeedoh"!

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