Minimalist Bunk Beds For Four


My Grandfather shared a room with his 4 brothers and when I was younger I thought it was absurd. I had a room to myself, shouldn't everyone? Little did I know then that space is a precious commodity. Here's a great set of bunk beds that sleep 4 that take up very little space!

This home is found in Auckland, New Zealand and is trimmed down to only essentials. For a newly built modern home it's rather scaled back and only has one bathroom! The children's room keeps things all together and makes the most of the space they have by stacking the beds 2x2 for everyone to sleep in.

Although things feel a little like camp and even a little stark, it would be far too overwhelming if those bunks were full of Pokemon and Hannah Montana posters. It treats the bedroom as a place to sleep and turns the rest of the house into their play place. Check out the full space (make sure to be on the lookout for the disappearing brass kitchen island) over at Dwell.

(Image: Dwell)

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