Miracle Method

Miracle Method

Dec 8, 2006

While we're talking about Reversible Decor this month, let's talk about icky bathrooms.

Dingy, tacky bathrooms are notoriously difficult to reinvent if you're renting. Unless you feel like paying for tear out, plumbing, tile setting, and a new tub (or sink) your options are pathetically limited. Or so we thought. After several years of taking semi-disturbing baths in tub that no amount of scrubbing would whiten, we found out about a service called Miracle Method.

This national company specializes in refinishing old porcleain, tile, and laminate surfaces. They will send a specialist to your home to assess the relative ickiness of your surfaces and to recommend an approach for resurfacing them. Some surfaces need repair (usually sanding) before they can be restored, others just need the cosmetic work.

"Cometic work" here refers to a truly amazing acrylic coating that's finished with a proprietary bonding agent. The result is a very hard and durable finish that rivals a new surface but that is cleaner, smoother, or more color-appropriate that the one beneath it. The typical cost of this service is 75% less than tear out and replacement, which can put it within a renter's budget, or, if you're lucky, your landlord's.

In our case we had both our icky bathtub and our time-worn kitchen sink and tile counters refinished (in renter's white) by Miracle Method and the total cost was just shy of $250. The surfaces dried and became usable within a day, but be warned: the chemical smell is something awful. Even with all the windows open it didn't completely dissipate for a few weeks. Best to do this kind of thing when it's warmish outside.

MM's website has tons of before/after pics, an FAQ, and tons of info about the process. You can reach the San Francisco franchise of Miracle Method (which is a national company) at 415.883.6126

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