Mirrored Closet Doors: The $25 Makeover!

Mirrored Closet Doors: The $25 Makeover!

Michelle Chin
Apr 8, 2011

Who else has ugly mirrored closet doors? Sure, it's great to have a full length mirror somewhere in your space so you know you're not heading to work with your shirt on inside out, but they're just so big and generic looking. So...how to minimize the 80s condo vibe of these ubiquitous doors without remodeling? And for a mere $25, no less! More after the jump.

On HGTV's Rate My Space, contributor DIY the CraigslistHunter submitted this great, yet deceptively simple makeover.

He bought 4 rolls of the AMORF FROST TINT film from IKEA for 4.99 each. I've used this film in the past and it comes with instructions on how to adhere it to glass surfaces with only a little water and the squeegee that comes in the package. It's easily cut to size.

(Images: DIY the CraigslistHunter at HGTV)

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