I was at a dinner party at a friend's home a couple hours ago when I had a "have-I-been-living-under-a-rock” moment. As I was pouring myself a glass of sparkling water, I realized that the S. Pellegrino bottle looked a little different: it was covered in a Missoni print. I fell in love, but was also a bit disturbed that I hadn’t seen these bottles before.

When hosting a memorable and unique dinner party it’s really all in the small details, and this bottle of S. Pellegrino adds color and style in a place that is very unexpected. Surprisingly, the bottle is also subtle enough that it will not clash with other fabrics. My friend Anna has a very colorful Marimekko tablecloth and the bottle blended right in. But now I find myself with a need to get my hands on a few of these bottles before they go out of production.