Black and white color palette is about as modern as you can get. If you love the look but it just doesn't quite feel like home — add a little color to the mix for a super fun vibe.

Adding yellow to black and white — as Sarah does in her Supremely Stylish West Village Home — is always a successful combination. The bright yellow adds so much vibrance to the color palette and, honestly, yellow items are extremely easy to come by.

If you're looking for a slightly more traditional vibe, black and white still works wonders. Add seaform green, coral and black and white in the same room — well geez! There's really no reason to not love black and white!

Images: 1. Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home, 2. Lilly, 3. A Lovely Being, 4. Rue Mag, 5. Lark and Linen