Mixing Up FLOR Tiles @ The New Office

Our New York team recently made a big move from the confines of a small office to more spacious digs, and with any moves comes some challenges. Maxwell recently shared his DIY budget workstation desks, and now he's back with a project showing how he's added colour and a soft surface to an office space. The modular flooring is great for bringing an element of colour while dampening the acoustics of hard surfaced spaces.

One other recommendation that Maxwell doesn't mention which we'd add to his detailed instructions is to use an application like Photoshop or Illustrator to visually layout the design beforehand. Snap a photo of the space it's going to be reside within and roughly superimpose in your design to see how it looks overall after you've laid down your pattern. You can also use their online configuration, but highly recommend you drop into one of their showrooms if given the chance to see each tile colour, pile and pattern in person.

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