MKS 5 Knife Set

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.11.13

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MKS 5 Knife Set

• $799
MKS Design

Not many people graduate high school with knife making in their future, but Adam Simha did. After we both graduated from the same boarding school in New England, I was delighted to find him, years later, designing and selling these remarkable, high performance knives with bright bicycle grips. This knife set is his best grouping and a great place to start. After this, there's very little you need.

"Bicycle handle blades were originally manufactured in Sheffield, UK then Maniago, Italy, briefly in Sevierville, TN, and finally here in Massachusetts. They are tempered to a Rockwell C 56 hardness for toughness and easy sharpening. These edges will put up with a pounding. Steels used in the different blades are 13C26, 440-C, 420M, and SF77 stainless. All knives come with choice of red, blue, green, or black handle grips (alternate BMX style grips available upon request), and a rawhide honing strap. A clear plastic knife roll and DMT fine or extra fine diamond sharpening steel are optional."

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