Mod Interior by CREA International

This interior by architecture firm CREA International looks like it might be a lobby in a cutting-edge hotel, an ultra-mod living room, or a still from the set of Stanley Kubrick's 2001, but it's none of these things. Click below to find out where this room resides...

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These interior shots are from a banking branch, specifically CheBanca! in Milan, Italy. It's rare that we look to a bank for design inspiration, but the new CheBanca! interiors present some interesting design ideas.

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Offices are treated like "pods" that look out onto a central open area. (We saw the same concept used to make the most of small spaces in Copenhagen's DanHostel.) We love the color combo: bright yellow (the hot color of 2009) paired with ivory.

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To create a sense of flow throughout the space, the designers based their floorplans on the concept of a solar system, with recessed lights that define the "orbit" patterns. (Maybe that's why we're picking up the 2001 vibe.) For more information, see CREA International's project page.

Photos: CREA International, Found via Contemporist