Modern Barkitecture:
Home Renovation for Dogs

We Americans are ridiculous pet owners, going to great lengths to make our dogs happy. Our furry friends (like the amazingly handsome Logan, pictured here) get treated like pampered children: sleeping in our bed, getting expensive food and toys, and yes, even little outfits. (Lest you think I'm being snarky: my own dog only eats grain-free food, gets allergy shots, and is on Prozac. No judgement.)

Lately, I've seen several examples of dog-centric features incorporated into home remodels and new construction:

This begs the question: how far is TOO far to go for our pets? Is this just the latest development in a country that constantly creates new "must haves" for the home? Or, do these features truly make you and your pet's lives better?

(Images: Logan's Look, Houzz, Artisan Kitchens, Retro Renovation, Above Door, Chezerbey)