Modern Dad: Doug Rollins

We're surveying some of the coolest guys we know about life as a modern dad.

Name: Doug Rollins
Occupation: Founder & CEO, brinca dada toys
Location: New York
Find me online:
Kids: Chloe (8), Owen (6) & Anna (4)

1. A favorite toy from childhood: That's totally impossible. GI Joe scuba diver set, Evil Kenevil motorcycle, Big Wheels, slot racers, Fisher-Price mooing barn, life-sized Tinker Toys, Nerf could I pick just one?

2. A myth about modern dads: We're obsessed with having cool kids. It's really more like a hobby than an obsession.  

3. A favorite children's book: A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni: I think most people like the book because it teaches the importance of becoming comfortable with yourself. That's true, but I like that it teaches parental generosity. I mean, where was the older, wiser chameleon on his way to? Probably a very important meeting with little chameleon clients.

4. A song I'll be really bummed if my kids don't end up loving: How Firm a Foundation by The Sabre Rattlers: As Mormons, we mostly don't rock, but my buddy Mark does and my kids better appreciate it.

5. A website or blog I visit regularly: daddy types

6. A product I would recommend to another dad: Without a doubt, the Dylan House by brinca dada. ;)

7. A question I hope my kids never ask me: Why do you and mommy lock your bedroom door?

8. My favorite way to spend a few hours with my kids: Tickling, playing board/card games, more tickling. Also, we enjoy searching for the best doughnut in NYC (our favorite is still the Donut Pub on 14th St.).

9. A parenting trick that works for me and not for my wife: It's definitely the countdown...5-4-3-2-1, lowering a finger each time. It works 99% of the time. My wife is better at timeout and pretty much everything else.

10. My parenting superpower: Doing different voices for all the characters in the Harry Potter series.

Thanks Doug!

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