Modern Dad: Mike Lanza

Modern Dad: Mike Lanza

Carrie McBride
Jun 18, 2012

We're surveying some of the coolest guys we know about life as a modern dad.

Name: Mike Lanza
Occupation: writer, entrepreneur
Kids: three boys: Marco (7-1/2), Nico (4-1/2), and Leo (3)
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Where to find me online:

1. My favorite toy from childhood: Hot Wheels

2. My favorite children's book: Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran 

3. A song I'll be really bummed if my kids don't end up loving: Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans? (by Louis Armstrong)

4. A website or blog I visit regularly: (yes, I'll always be a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan - Go Steeler Nation!!!)

5. A product I would recommend to another dad: my book, Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into a Place to Play

6. A question I hope my kids never ask me: "How important is penis size?"

7. My favorite way to spend a few hours with my kids: Wading up our neighborhood creek.

8. A parenting trick that works for me and not for my wife: After a good workout, offer the kids a meal of lots of sugar and carbs to go along with fruits and veggies.

9. A myth about modern dads: The only way to be a good dad is to coach a sports team.

10. My parenting superpower: I can get *any* kid who visits our house to have wild-crazy fun in our yard within a half hour of arriving.

Thanks Mike!

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