Modern Dad: Ralph Montemurro

We're surveying some of the coolest guys we know about life as a modern dad.

Name: Ralph Montemurro
Occupation: CEO/Designer at Monte Design
Location: Toronto, Canada
Find me online:
Kids: Jack (10), Grace (8), Luke (6), Joy (2)

1. A song I'll be really bummed if my kids don't end up loving: Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen

2. My parenting superpower: I can take any mundane task and turn it into an exciting adventure with my kids. The aisles of the grocery store can be a safari journey if you get creative with it. 

3. A favorite toy from childhood: Loved my Stretch-Arm-Strong

4. A favorite children's book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

5. A website or blog I visit regularly: I love design blogs, especially the granddaddy of them all, the Apartment Therapy family of sites.

6. A product I would recommend to another dad: An iPad. Awesome multitask product that offers tons of stuff for your kids to enjoy as well.

7. A question I hope my kids never ask me: Dad, why are we living in a van, down by the river?

8. My favorite way to spend a few hours with my kids: A bike ride or a swim

9. A parenting trick that works for me and not for my wife/partner: Tricks never seem to work for either one of us, but if you know any really good ones, please let me know.

10. A myth about modern dads: That we were all born with the Home Depot Handyman gene.

Thanks Ralph!

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