Architects Rick and Brandy McLain of Tuscon, Arizona started Modern House Numbers over a year ago while renovating their home, after facing the challenge of finding affordable modern home address numbers for the front of homes, mailboxes and front curb. They decided to design their own and soon afterwards others were asking about their modern address solution.

Modern House Numbers provides a complete package of aluminum house numbers, mailbox numbers and curb stencils with modern styled typefaces with geographical designations/labels such as Soho, SoCal, Back Bay & South Beach. Prices are reasonable, starting at $21 for a 4", $25 for 6" and $29 for 8".
The address numerals are made from recycled 3/8” thick aluminum, available in 4”, 6” & 8” high with ½” stand off; mailbox address numbers are made with exterior sign quality vinyl and are 3” high, available in a variety of modern colors. You can further dress up your curbside with a 4” high curb stencil to paint your numbers yourself. Installation instructions for any of Modern House Number products are available at their website.