Modern & Marvelous: Illinois Maxi Play House

Modern & Marvelous: Illinois Maxi Play House

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 28, 2011

There are playhouses and then there are mini modern houses that you can play in. This high end structure is as beautiful as they come and is perfect for pint size visitors. Care to guess how much it costs?

This white wonder of a play house will set you back a cool 12k, but that doesn't mean it won't still be on our wish list (even if we know it will forever be there). If it's a bit out of budget, look at it from a DIY point of view. Modern shapes are easier to do at home than you think. You might be able to construct something similar on your own.

You can check it out, see more photos and fantasize at Smart Playhouse. It looks like the end-all place to have the best sleepover ever. Which means we just invited ourselves over if one finds its way into your backyard anytime soon.

(Image: Smart Playhouse)

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