Modern Meets Traditional in Wall-Mount Mac Desk

Some people think that getting a sleek, new aluminum machine means you'll need an all new super-modern desk to keep the look going. But sticking with your semi-worn brown wooden hand-me-down can give your new workspace an almost steampunk feel—just take a cue from this Flickr find we spotted!

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Flickr user MagnusK shows off his multi-functional Mac setup in this image. The best part? His 27" iMac is mounted to the wall like a flat-screen TV with a VESA mount!

In addition to the Mac and matching aluminum keyboard, this desk boasts two MyBook for Mac external hard drives, an iPhone in a desktop dock, the lastest Apple Magic Mouse and a super-professional stand-up microphone (on the left) for Podcasting!

This sleek setup is all placed on top of of a slightly-worn traditional brown wood desk and accessorized with an almost-steampunk gold desk lamp. The whole workspace packs serious tech equipment, organization know-how and a creative design sense—we love it!

(Image: Flickr user MagnusK under license from Creative Commons.)

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