Modern Micro Kitchen: Get the Look

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Having lived in city apartments for years, we're used to small kitchens, but Jack's ultra-tiny space might be the smallest one we've ever come across. With an apartment in Times Square that measures just 10x14 feet, he's a master of small space organization, buying less but buying better.


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It seems counterintuitive, but large artwork can actually make a cramped space feel roomier, since it creates a singular focal point. This two-color lithographic reproduction of Claes Oldenburg's 1968 Pacifier is $180.


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Anna Castelli Ferrieri's Componibili storage unit is perfect for a tight space underneath the kitchen counter. Made from ABS plastic, it's easy to clean and it comes in a few different colors. $160 at Smart Furniture.

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Designed by Joe Colombo in 1968, the Boby Storage Trolley is a multi-functional rolling caddy with swing-out trays. It comes in several different sizes and colors and ranges from around $250 for the shortest version to $720 for the tallest.

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The containers on Jack's shelves look like vintage Massimo Vignelli stacking canisters, once produced by Heller, but now only available through vintage sellers. For a good, inexpensive alternative, check out the selection of capped glass jars at Specialty Bottle.

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Jack's open shelving can be achieved by using wall-mounted cabinet boxes, like these maple Distinctions Cabinets from Home Depot. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any available online options, but cabinets like these aren't hard to locate in-person at any building supply store.

Kitchen Tools

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Jack's thick chopping block is a high-quality, end-grain constructed cutting board. For a piece of similar quality, try a John Boos cherry or maple wood butcher block, which runs anywhere from $100 to $300. We found a good selection on

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Jack uses a simple, non-electric Chemex coffee maker that costs around $40. Designed in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, it's an hourglass-shaped vessel with a paper filter that makes coffee by a basic drip method.

Appliances and Fixtures

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There's just enough room for a small, under-counter fridge beneath Jack's sink. Check the selection at Compact Appliance for a similar model, like the Summit 5.5 Frost-Free Refrigerator, $500.

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Jack's stainless steel sink is similar to IKEA's Boholmen line, which ranges between $80 and $200. You can also find good prices on brand name stainless steel sinks (like Kohler and Moen) at and Plumber Surplus.

To see a full tour of Jack's small home, click here.

Top Image: Jill Slater