Modern Rustic Finds on Etsy

Modern Rustic Finds on Etsy

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 24, 2009

This lovely dining room is from Living Etc.
Lately, I have had a fascination with modern rustic interiors. They are simple, clean and warm, but they are filled with raw textures, organic materials and a mix of old and new. Amidst all the doubt with the economy, I find these interiors comforting, reassuring and surprisingly accessible as they rely heavily on pairing down and finding a few nice things that are either handmade, antique or both that you can mix in to your home....

This is our lovely dining room right after we installed our vertical wine rack.
Here are my tips. Take what you've got and get rid of anything that's made of chipboard or plastic or that has simply become clutter. Fix anything that's broken. Pare down to the minimum and see where you stand. Don't worry if your kitchen table is from the home you grew up in (ours is too). Now, take your time and look around for a few things to put back in - things you love, which are well made and which are useful. Just a few things. Things that make you happy. Things that sing the song you want to sing. And if it doesn't work out, sell it or give it away. Keep your home flowing. I went hunting on Etsy to see if I could furnish a room from amongst their many shops and was delighted to find furnishings in great supply. Here is a collection of picks that combine the rustic with vintage, antique and mid-century modern. These are all items that would fit well together in a room of new or modern furnishings and which would take the "edge" off of any newness.

These lamps are from Blue Bell Bazaar
There were a few notable shops that I spent more time in: Blue Bell Bazaar (accessories), Anosila (bedding) and Lorimer Antiques (tables).

These linens are from Anosila.

This table is from Lorimer Antiques.
Here's My Full List of Cool Stuff I Found (all of which is in the small pics below): • Mango Modern Lamp at JalexStudiosShetland Sheep Rug from CallwoolLinen Duvet and Shams from AnosilaTed Cluster Lamp from Domestic ConstructionPrints by JennSkiPrints by WexfordgirlAntique Butcher Block Table by JoFineArtMid-Century Plycraft Eames Era Lounge chair and Ottoman from TheVintageSupplyCoLarge Numbers from Blue Bell BazaarModern Wood Tray by Dansk at Blue Bell BazaarRustic China Hutch by The Rustic StoreVintage Maps at Blue Bell BazaarOld Board Farm Table at Lorimer Antiques
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