Modern Shaker Furniture

Handmade modern. Shaker furniture's simplicity and close relationship to Danish Modern style makes it a good fit for clean-lined interiors. Shaker furniture is traditionally handmade (and therefore greener than most mass-produced products). According to the Shaker religion, hard work and simplicity were paths to happiness. We think the philosophy behind the furniture isn't so far from what we're trying to do with homes...make them calm, healthy, beautiful places to live.

Shown at Top: Bowback Bench by James Becker, $2,350 - $2,500
Small Cherry drop-Leaf Breakfast Table by Wilson Woodworking, $1,900
Strip Quilt Cupboard by Jim Rose (Rose uses scrap metal to make his colorful steel cabinets)
Two-Drawer Shaker Work Table ($962.50) and Shaker Sideboard ($1,187.50) by Shaker Workshops