Modern Superhero Boys' Room

Classy Clutter

Mallory's 3 boys begged for a room with "Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Hulk and a chalkboard." To incorporate all that and still create a cute, charming, handmade room might seem like a tall order, but Mallory nailed it with this colorful and graphic bedroom, perfectly suited to please the whole family.

A hand-painted skyline, spray-painted beds, some handmade pillow cases, and quilts designed by Mallory and created by a friend make for a love-filled, creative space. The baby's nook (pictured above) is edged with a vibrant blue that Mallory found in the "oops!" section at Home Depot for 50 cents.

I love this makeover because it's so dramatic, creative, and affordable. It perfectly suits three growing boys, while still showing off the talents, passions, and energies of their family and loved ones.

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(Image credits: Classy Clutter)