Modernism in the Alps: km Architektur

Modernism in the Alps: km Architektur

Sarah Coffey
Aug 12, 2008

For escapes month, we've linked to some amazing eye candy, including several homes in the Andes by dRN Architects. Here's a European version of the modernist home with a mountain view: the Walensee House by km Architektur (found through ArchDaily). Located in the Swiss Alps, this home has wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows that let views and light into almost every room...

In addition to being beautiful, this is a green home with solar panels that produce most of the energy for the house.

The sliding glass doors allow air to circulate through the space, and the wraparound porch provides a great spot for taking in the scenic landscape.

To read the full article with more photos from ArchDaily, click here. For more information on km Architektur, click here.

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