Modernist Cat: Furniture for You & Your Cat

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Cats may be lower maintenance than dogs, but they can still bring an unexpected amount of clutter into your home, including scratching posts, litter boxes, toys, bowls, and cozy places to lay. If your cat's stuff is overtaking your apartment, these chic customizable furniture options from Modernist Cat can help by paring down the pet stuff while serving as a side table or nightstand.

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The company creates handcrafted, modern pieces with apartment dwellers in mind. For example, their Mod Mover Cat Station combines a cat bed, scratching post, and end table for humans into one stylish piece of furniture. The Litter Hideaway litter box cover looks so nice that few guests would ever guess what's inside. Plus, almost everything can be custom made for your home — all you have to do is choose a wood grain or enamel color, fabric for the cushion, and the colors for the scratching post sides.

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See the full line at Modernist Cat.

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