(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Love LEGO but hate plastic? Ambivalent about color and like all your blocks to be the same size? Maybe a set of all-wood interlocking building blocks are what you’ve been looking for. 

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Mokulock bricks are designed to be a natural, eco-friendly alternative to plastic blocks. Intended for adults as well as children, they are handcrafted and come in maple, cherry, and birch. They’re sold by wood variety in sets of 50, and each brick is just 32 x 16 x 13 mm, so many boxes will be necessary if you intend to build that Mokulock Death Star.

Mokulock sell for about $40 via their website and Amazon Japan, but White Rabbit Express can get them for shoppers who don’t read Japanese.

What do you think? Are Mokulock an excellent, all-natural LEGO alternative or just a pale shade of the real thing? 

(Images via Mokulock)