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New York, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
My original plan was a warm salmon color with black and white accents. I selected the Thousand Island paint chip at night while in a car. My room was bright pink, not a warm salmon. DETOUR#1 I needed some white walls back in my life! I choose Swiss Coffee White for my widest living room wall going to the Entryway. DETOUR#2 I wanted stripes. I mixed Swiss Coffee with a yellow paint and created a custom color for my stripes. Next I wanted some drama for my home office. I painted my wood file holders in Swiss Coffee and with created some abstract glossy Black stripes. DETOUR#3 I did the same abstract black and white stripe effect with the wall section of my home office so that the wood file holders would actually blend in with the wall behind it and almost become invisible. It worked beautifully! If you look closely at the Black and White wall you can see File Holders on shelves. My office wall is bold and one of a kind.
Colors used in my room:
All Behr Paint:
Swiss Coffee
Thousand Island

Custom Mix for Stripes
Tips for using color successfully:
1. Know your color personality or accept that you have to figure it out 2. If you paint a wall and don’t like it; JUST Change IT! 3. Look at paint chips in the actually room at prime sunlight hours 4. Painter’s tape if your friend 5. You can achieve artistic/dramatic effects within a room by using multiple colors, different finishes & painter's tape all at once. Painting is not all about moving a roller with one color up and down a wall. 6. Use Primer or else spend countless time doing extra coasts. 7. When a custom paint color you created at home is finished. Its finished and no more paint for touch ups!
Design Detours