Modern Adult Monogramming

Modern Adult Monogramming

You don't have to be a member of a country club or a nursery school to incorporate monograms into your home decor. In fact, if you're thinking about monogramming for a child, young adult or even a mature woman, please keep reading for a fresh perspective on modern monogramming.

Many years ago I thought the concept of monogramming was ridiculous. I didn't understand the purpose of embroidering initials on something. Was it pillow theft deterrence? Or, maybe monogramming was necessary in the event of temporary amnesia. You could wake up and have no idea who you were, but as long as you had a monogrammed towel you might be able to retrace your life and miraculously find your family again. (In the earlier 80's, temporary amnesia seemed like a plausible and common ailment). As I got older, the monograms seemed to morph into the modern version of family crests, meant to impress and intimidate others who were not part of a certain snobbish clique.

Now monograms are being used in bohemian interiors to lend lightness and humor to spaces that need a bit of fresh wholesome irony. The monogram's previous association with snobbish tradition is what makes it a perfect piece of modern design with humor. No longer relegated to childrens' rooms, college dorms with strong sorority sisterhoods and highly traditional interiors, the rules are changing. Monogramming isn't just for bed and bath linens anymore. Many sophisticated designers are turning back to monograms to create hybrid interiors, which blend unconventional decor with conventional decor in an effort to create original, artful, breathtaking homes.

Check out this roundup of monogramming sources, if you want to start personalizing special items.

Images: 1. Gwen Driscoll Designs 2. Apartment Therapy 3. Elle Decor 4. Given Campbell 5. Haus Design 6. Big City Pretty.

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