Moody Nest: A Couch for All Moods

What if you could maneuver your couch to fit any position you want to be in? So that it acts as your blanket, pillow, a cubby to burrow in, or an intimate hideaway to cuddle in with someone special.

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Well this kind of versatile and physically customizable couch is exactly what Hanna Emelie Ernesting wanted to portray in her 'moody couch' design which was presented in the Fuori Salone 2011 in Milan.

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I just love the organic and ever changing feel of this piece. I often get bored easily with my furniture and this is such an innovative way to always keep it fresh and new. It's like the ultimate cozy, stylish beanbag couch that cuddles with you. I love the idea of multifunctional furniture. Now I hope that she got enough positive feedback to start putting these puppies in production.

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Images: Hanna Emile Ernsting

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