More Beautiful Bathrooms from Around the World

More Beautiful Bathrooms from Around the World

Aaron Able
Mar 17, 2009

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Here's 5 more inspiring bathroom designs from the Arch Daily archives. If you missed our first roundup, be certain to check it out — Beautiful Bathrooms from Around the World. Choose your favorite from the new group in the survey below...

1 This brightly-colored bathroom in France was designed by Périphériques Architects — and is even stranger from the outside!

2 The bathroom of this House in Gerês in Portugal is finished with plywood walls by architectsGraça Correia e Roberto Ragazzi.

3 This neon green bathroom from a home in Switzerland from architects AFGH should be added to the Neon Green Interiors Roundup we prepared last week!

4 This bathroom with a view is part of a home by architects Jackson Clements Burrows in Victoria, Australia.

5 This large, slick bathroom from Ramírez Buxeda Architects keeps it simple in Puerto Rico.

(Images: Luc Boegly, Alberto Placido, Juan Rodrigues, Luis Ferreira Alves, John Gollings, Carla Martínez)

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