More Gift Fair Faves: Pendleton, FromSthlm, Thelermont Hupton & Eleanor Pritchard

New York International Gift Fair

There was no shortage of color and geometrics throughout the booths at this year's 2011 New York International Gift Fair. From popular established companies in the US, to small European designers, check out some more of my favorites after the jump.

Started in 2009, this company brings the best of independent Swedish design to the US by featuring a new designer each month. Pictured above, the Coffee in Bed Tray ($26) and the Stockholm Tray ($36). Each is made of the highest quality Scandinavian birch and designed by Mira Holmer Dahlgren.

Thelermont Hupton
This British award winning design company is known for their off the wall designs – literally. Their line of hand cast wall hooks, security camera mirrors and Off The Wall Pots (pictured above) really caught my eye. Available at A+R for $26.

From the 140 year-old company, already well known for their Native American inspired blankets, comes some great dinnerware collections. I especially enjoyed the Lakota Dinnerware, which is based on the basketry and pottery of the Lakota Sioux Plains Indians. Pieces start at $48

Eleanor Pritchard
This head-turning booth was simple in presentation, but the designs spoke for themselves. London-based designer Eleanor Pritchard's collection of woven blankets include an array of geometric patterns, made of 100% pure new wool with blanket stictch edging. Pitcured above: Westerly Easterly blanket £214.00

Images: As linked above