We've seen vertical gardening, rooftop plants, and balcony containers as clever solutions for small spaces. But are there others? I went looking for other tiny spots to add a little green — in other words, where to garden when you don't have a garden.

  1. There's also under the stairs, of course. Courtesy of BMStudio.
  2. Barreau & Charbonnet created these window vegetable gardens, perfect for dense urban living. 
  3. Nobody (except Better Homes & Gardens) ever uses the MIDDLE of the driveway for anything useful.
  4. Sweet Paul Magazine reminds us that there's always some random empty drawer in your house, waiting to fulfill its earthly purpose.
  5. And, after these, if you're still out of room, there's always your car (as seen on Volkwagen Utah). 

(Images: as linked above)