More Subscription Boxes?!: BabbaBox & Kiwi Crate

It appears that subscription box services are the parent product du jour. We recently featured several new baby product monthly services, and now we're finding more and more kids' activity subscriptions. When we asked you about baby product services, most of you thought they were great ideas, especially as gifts. Maybe these folks are on to something?

Two newcomers to the subscription service market are Kiwi Crate and BabbaBox (oh! the alliteration!). Both attempt to fill parents' need for engaging, creative and educational projects by providing the inspiration, instructions, and materials to keep kids busy and involved in worthwhile projects.

Kiwi Crate costs $20 a month and is aimed at kids 3 - 6. Each crate (er, cardboard box) comes with the supplies and instructions for two projects related to its topic; the Dinosaur Crate lets kids create their own dinosaur feet and their own fossils. Included in each set are "bonus materials" and ideas for further exploring the topic.

The BabbaBox is a little more expensive at $30 a month, but it also comes with 3 - 4 hands on activities, books and stories, "activities to engage with the world and nature" and "BabbaCo approved downloads" to engage online. This last seems a little strange coming from a company that claims to worry if kids are "watching too much TV or playing with the iPhone too much." Boxes are said to revolve around themes, but with no sample boxes to check out on the site, signing up is a bit of a shot in the dark.

Will we be seeing more subscription services for kids? Sheets of the month? Healthy meals of the month? Musical instruments of the month? Have you signed up for one of these services? Would you? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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