More than just flowers: Nice Things To Do For Your Mate

More than just flowers: Nice Things To Do For Your Mate

Laure Joliet
Jan 30, 2008

Living together can be tough at times and housework can often become a source of conflict. As you may know, I'm big on etiquette and recently while reading up on etiquette for couples, it gave me some ideas for what couples can do around the house to say how much they care (which often maintains the peace). Ideas after the cut:

These are suggestions essentially for doing something nice, giving a little more and not asking for a lot of credit in return. All for the sake of making the other person feel good. You could use these for Valentines Day or really any day (which, I think makes it more special). I'm also not going to sit here and say whether or not flowers and chocolates should be involved, but why not try some of these options:

• Take care of that nagging repair/project that you've either been nagging your other to do or that you've been nagged to do (but do it before another nag). And don't complain. This could be changing a lightbulb, picking up the tools you'll need to complete a repair, patching that hole in the wall or fixing the leaky faucet. And make it a surprise.

• Take over one of the other person's chores for the day or the week). So if he always takes out the trash or she always washes the dishes, do your chores and theirs without asking for credit.

• Clean the bathroom (does anyone like to do this?) or wash and change the sheets.

• Say thank you for what they have done around the house.

• What do you do?

You can read way in depth on the subject in Peter Post's Essential Manners for Couples.

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