More Ways to Display Art

More Ways to Display Art

Lily Gahagan
Aug 18, 2008

We've seen mismatched frames, uniform frames, frames as art, and on and on. Here's a nice way to split the difference, by choosing one thing to keep in common (in this case, the frame color) but mixing up other elements for a unique look. More images after the jump.

Using the same color frame unites the series on this wall, and also helps keep the focus of the eye on the art. But to diverge for the typical "gallery-style" uniformity, the homeowner has chosen to add interest by switching up the mat color to accentuate the art, and also occasionally forgoing a mat altogether a pressing the image between two pieces of glass, creating a "floating" effect.

We also like how the Noguchi lamp is hung front and center, showcased as the piece of art it truly is.

Images via VisualLingual. (And you can check out more at their blog and shop.)

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