More Ways to Use Your (Swim) Noodle

More Ways to Use Your (Swim) Noodle

Dabney Frake
Aug 20, 2012

Summer is winding down, which means that people will soon close up their pools and pack away all the warm weather gear. Instead of saying good-bye to worn out swim noodles, re-purpose all that foam as useful household solutions. Don't worry: making a full-blown chair, like the one above from Wary Meyers, isn't one of my suggestions.

The rest of us can do these:

1. Car Bumper: Gird your garage walls, and spare your car in the process. Cut full noodles lengthwise and bolt them to the back and side walls to act as cushions. If you misjudge the back wall as you pull in, no problem. They will also spare your car doors when you open them in a hurry.

2. Boot Saver: Cut a noodle in shorter lengths and insert into boots to keep them upright. The added structure keeps the leather looking spiffy and uncreased.

3. Roof Rack: You know those cardboard triangles Ikea gives you to transport furniture home on the roof of your car? Noodles make similar impromptu "roof racks" for carrying kayaks, canoes or other furniture. Keep some in your trunk for those unplanned yard sale finds.

4. Bed Bumper: We've mentioned this one before here on Apartment Therapy, but it bears repeating. Simply insert noodles under your fitted sheets and you've got a great bed bumper. Young children won't go boom in the night.

5. Pipe Cover: If you hit your head on the same pipe every time you go into the basement, wrap a slit noodle around it. You'll spare your own noodle.

Lastly, there are tons of rainy day toys to be made from a noodle, but these horses are my favorite so far:

(Image credits: from the book Wary Meyer's Tossed & Found: Unconventional Design from Cast-offs, Mrs. King Rocks)

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