Moss Graffiti: Growing On A Wall Near You

Moss Graffiti: Growing On A Wall Near You

Alysha Findley
Apr 2, 2012

Last summer we took a stroll down Yarn Bombing lane, and now I'm back to show you the eco-friendly graffiti movement using moss that has been growing strong for the past few years.

I love the idea of this art form on the streets, but what I like even better is all of the potential it has to spice up plain and boring backyard walls and walkways.

All you need is moss, sugar, buttermilk, water, a container, a paint brush, a blender, a great idea and you're off. Pick your favorite word, quote or create a fabulous stencil or drawing and get painting.

You can get step-by-step instructions here. It does seem to work best in wetter climates but it's easy enough of a project to try anywhere and see what results you can muster up.

Well, I hope this gets your brains buzzing with incredible moss inspired decor ideas. May the moss be with you, enjoy!

(Images: 1. Regina Urban Ecology 2. Yatzer 3. Art Electronic Media 4. Keluarga Audisie 5. Yatzer 6. Edina Tokodi for Inhabitat 7. Anna Garforth 8. Edina Todoki via Daily Obsessional)

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