Movies In Color: Color Palette Inspiration From the Big Screen

We've all likely looked to movies and TV shows as sources for home decor inspiration at one time or another (mine has long been the midcentury set design of the John Lautner's residence in Tom Ford's A Single Man). Usually it's the furnishings and decorative pieces that sparks our imagination, but movies can inspire our visions of home via cinematography too...

Movies In Color is a Tumblr updated daily with stills from an array of movies with corresponding color palettes broken up into "light", "medium", "dark" and "general spectrum", tapping into some exemplary moments of cinematography from films ranging from Life of Pi, Skyfall, The Master, Barry Lyndon. Think of it as a cinephile's version of Design Seeds. Check out Movies In Color over your next may inspire a trip to the cinema and the interior paint department.

(Images: Movies In Color)