Moving Math: An Easy Equation to Help You Decide If It's Time to Pack Up

Moving Math: An Easy Equation to Help You Decide If It's Time to Pack Up

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 29, 2015

Everyone knows that moving is the worst, but sometimes your current place just isn't doing it for you anymore. So should you to go through the trouble of uprooting your life to get an apartment upgrade? Get a reality check with this common sense equation.

Let's think about it like this:

New place > Old place + hassle and expense of moving

Now, of course you already knew this, but remember: it's so easy to get emotional when considering a move that we all need a little dose of logic every so often. If something's going wrong at home, it's tempting to think a move will solve all of your problems forever. Not so.

Your new living situation should be a solid step up in order to warrant the time, money and emotional angst it will take for you to actually be living in it. Make sure that when you do decide to make a switch, you're not simply making a lateral move to a similar place (with all too familiar problems).

This is not to say you should stay in a home that is no longer making you happy. Quite the opposite. But you will be far happier in the long run if you take your time to find your perfect place rather than moving for the wrong reasons.

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