Before & After: Jen's Glam Closet

Before & After: Jen's Glam Closet

Jen Ramos, of the beloved blog Made By Girl is known for her colorful posters and chic style. So it's no surprise that when she redid her closet, she came up with a glamorous, practical redesign.

As someone who would "FREAK OUT . . . if my closet wasn't neat & organized,'" Jen knew she wanted designated spaces for everything. She hired a handyman to customize and build shelving, including cubbies for her purses. She also papered a wall in leopard print to create a "boutique" feeling.

While Jen may have a bigger closet than many of us apartment dwellers, her ideas are easy to translate to smaller spaces. For example, the wallpaper adds personality to an area that's often ignored. It's also a great way to try wallpaper if you've been hesitant. The pricey-looking shelves, meanwhile, were stained and created out of 2x4s from the Home Depot — a much more reasonable solution than those from closet-design companies. These clever changes, which could be DIY depending on your abilities, show that even a lackluster storage space can be turned into a truly stylish one.

For more information and the full tour, see Made By Girl.

Images: Jen Ramos for Made by Girl.

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