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[The A/C was hidden by our bed in cooler months.]
When we lived in New York a few years ago, our very tiny studio apartment's air conditioner was under the window where our bed was placed. Most of the year, this was just fine but in the heart of the summer, we needed that cool air for our small space. During this time we would...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
[Place window film for privacy and helping with the heat in the summer.]
...move our side table to the corner, moving the bed out from the wall and allowing the air to cool off our pad. We dubbed this simply "summer set-up" and although it made our small space a bit smaller, we made it work. Our friend moves her bed under the window in the summer to catch the summer breeze at night and another friend uses window film in the summer to keep out the heat while letting the sunlight still filter though her home. We find that moving your furniture around a bit to accommodate the changing weather is an affordable and easy way to enjoy your home. Do you have your own "summer set-up" story? Share it with us.

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