Mrs. Hayes' Project: A 4th Grade Buddy Garden

Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!

School: Tanglewood Elementary
City: S. Glen Falls, NY
Teacher: Ms. Hayes

Project: My students have been paired up with a 4th grade class as a mentoring program. We read, write and do math activities together currently one day per week. I would love to open the door to "hands-on" learning outside with these classes.

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My Students: There is nothing more exciting than learning in a "hands-on" way...this science adventure will encourage students to connect with their environment while they learn about science with their 4th grade buddies.

My Project: 

Currently we have a gated area with a shed available to us for this "garden" opportunity. We would like to clean up and assemble raised plant beds for vegetable and herb growing. We would like the students and community members to help us to prep and maintain the garden to be used yearly. The supplies are the large ticket items needed to get us started: garden tools, 4 raised planter beds and a wheelbarrow. The raised beds will help us to keep the gardens "weed free." The 4 beds will help us to expand the garden to the 4 classes with 4th grade buddies in our building. Not only will it define a beautiful space but it will provide herbs and food resources. Vegetables and herbs for cafeteria lunches and classroom created healthy treats! 

→Donate to Ms. Hayes' students on Apartment Therapy's Donors Choose page.