Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets: Now Biodegradable

Mrs. Meyers Dryer Sheets: Now Biodegradable

Stephanie Kinnear
Aug 22, 2008

We've got one of those little green confessions to make:

We try to dry a lot of our clothes on a drying rack and by hanging them from other various places in the apartment, but we still use the drying machine and .. brace yourself ... we occasionally use dryer sheets.

We use these Lavender Dryer Sheets from Mrs. Meyers ($7.99). We love the smell, which is actually essential oil.

But we noticed something strange when we bought a new box last week and opened it. The sheets looked weird -- nothing like your traditional dryer sheets, nothing like the last box of Mrs. Meyers dryers sheets we bought.

Why? Well, now the sheets are biodegradable.

Sure we still feel bad about using the dryer, but we feel better about our these sheets now. (And we still love the way our towels smell when they come out of the dryer.)

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