Mrs. Meyers: On sale

Mrs. Meyers: On sale

Janel Laban
Sep 27, 2006

We love this stuff.

We've blogged it before, so Molly S. knew we'd be happy to hear about a sale at Amazon (Thanks, Molly!).

We also have bought from Mrs. Meyers directly so we received an email about the free shipping offer at their site.

Take your pick, but you should get them while they're hot (both promotions are only available through the 30th)...

Currently in our apartment we have: the all-purpose cleaner, the automatic dishwashing detergent, regular dish soap, the counter spray, glass spray, ironing spray and hand cream. All in the Geranium scent, our fave...

Mrs. Meyers works really well, is eco-friendly and smells divine. We think the glass cleaner is the best we've used and the general cleaner does a great job during our weekly wash of our new-ish floors.

Don't want to sound too dorky, but it really makes cleaning just a bit more enjoyable (or less painful, your choice).

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