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School: Columbus School
City: Carteret, NJ
Teachers: Ms. Horvath

Project: With all the fruits and vegetables that are processed, sprayed with chemicals, and unhealthy for anyone to eat. This environmental safe garden will allow the children to eat their own products without any chemicals sprayed on them or processed in any way. This experiment will allow them the tools to build a environmental safe garden at home to enjoy and share with family and friends.

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My Students: My 24 students come from a poverty area. An area where gardens aren't visible. An area where farms don't exist. I want to give these children the experience of creating something they can not only be proud of, but can enjoy watching and create a healthier environment in our classroom and in their own homes. I want to give these children the tools and knowledge to build their own garden and enjoy the fruits and vegetables they will grow with their families.

These children lack experiences we all grew up with. They crave new experiences and hands on activities that will change their lives and others. They experience threw books and computers instead of engaged in real life experiences. I want to open their eyes to building a healthier environment for themselves.

My Project: This environmental garden will begin in the classroom, but I am hoping to enlarge this project to the school grounds to be nurtured and enjoyed by the entire school. I want to allow these children to see how they can make a difference in our environment and make safe and healthy vegetables and fruit to eat. 

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Sustainability & Our Community Garden

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